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Video Course for Testing

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"As Above So Below"

Harness the energy of the heavens and the earth with Yin/Yang Microcosmic Orbit to learn to breathe and balance the body, mind and soul.

Harness the energy of the universe through your body to feel and work with light photons, your healing light. 

Open yourself up to the healing energy of sound from the Antique Tibetan Gong, that helps ground you as you feel it vibrate through your body. 

Breathe in and hear energetics to expand you and feel calm, connected and grounded to all that there is. Understand that sound created the universe and we as humans create sound and see the wonder of how we are all part of the universe from the macrocosm to the microcosm from the heavens to the earth. 

Let Mimi Love walk you through a simple technique you can use daily or whenever you are stressed to return any scattered qi and allow the energy of the Three Jiao's to activate, assimilate and burn as homeostasis returns to the upper, middle and lower burners within you.

FOL - Frequencies of Life

The Energetics of Breathing.

Learning that the energetics of breathing within the body can change your senses and perception of what you see, feel, think, hear, touch or understand.
The senses are heightened and sensory integration of Yin/Yang combines to give you an optimum level of sensory information in the body. The level may be anywhere from the superficial to the deep layers of the skin, tissues, muscles, glands, hormones and/or bones.
You should be able to breathe better and be aware of the sensory changes in the body.
Once you have learnt to breathe you can move on to listening and feeling the vibration of the Antique Tibetan Gong through your mind, body and soul.
Then notice the changes that have happened with the sound and how you feel.
This is to centre you and help you ground and stabilise your energy, connecting you to the Earth. Once you feel heavier and planted you feel safe and you are laying down your foundations into the Earth which is part of the Universe as a whole and the very stardust that created it.

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